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Departing Passengers from UAE

Departing Passengers from UAE

Discover the freedom of traveling light with BaggageTaxi, your ultimate travel partner! We've all experienced that time between hotel check-out and a late flight departure - stranded with luggage when you could be soaking up more sights or concluding important meetings. The inconvenience of finding a place to store your bags, or returning to your hotel to pick them up, consumes precious time and money. Now, that's a thing of the past.

BaggageTaxi is your personal luggage concierge that picks up your bags right from your hotel or vacation rental, securely stores them, and delivers them to your specified location or directly to the airport on the same day. Whether you're checking out of a hotel or a holiday home like Airbnb, your luggage will be waiting for you at the airport while you enjoy an unhindered, baggage-free day.

Our mission is to revolutionise the travel experience by removing the burden of managing your luggage. Save time, save money, and indulge in the freedom of hands-free travel. Let BaggageTaxi transform your travel story, providing a reliable, time-saving, and cost-efficient solution to the age-old issue of baggage management.

BaggageTaxi - Travel Unburdened!it me. It's easy.

Arriving in UAE

Arriving in UAE

Experience stress-free travel with BaggageTaxi, your dependable luggage assistant! Imagine arriving early in vibrant Dubai, with hotel check-in hours away or an immediate meeting to attend. No need to juggle luggage while trying to make the most of your time. Our service is here to help you focus on what's important.

BaggageTaxi is designed to relieve you of your luggage worries. Simply drop your baggage with us at the airport and we'll handle the rest. Our team will securely store your belongings and deliver them to your hotel, holiday home, or any location at your chosen time slot. This means no delays, no added stress, just seamless transition from the airport to your adventure.

We are committed to revolutionising your travel experience, providing an efficient solution that saves both time and money. With BaggageTaxi, you can dive into your journey while we ensure your luggage reaches your destination safely. Welcome to a new era of convenience and affordability in travel with BaggageTaxi - your personal luggage service. Embark on your Dubai adventure unencumbered and experience the luxury of hands-free travel.

Do you need Storage?

Do you need Storage?

BaggageTaxi is your perfect storage solution, offering unmatched convenience and cost-efficiency. For those living part-time in Dubai,why rent a large storage unit when you only need minimal space? With us, you only need half a square meter for 30 days. We collect your baggage from your doorstep, store it securely for as long as you need, and deliver it back to your address upon your return. This specialized service, separate from our arrival & departure offerings, allows you to save time, money, and space, making BaggageTaxi the ultimate choice for smart storage solutions in Dubai. Book separately today and experience the difference.

Transit in Dubai

Transit in Dubai

Experience the ease of BaggageTaxi's city-to-city transit service. Whether you're journeying from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, RaK, Ajman, Sharjah, or Fujairah, or making the return trip, we ensure your baggage travels smoothly with you. With capacity for up to six pieces per transit, we pick up your luggage from your location and deliver it securely to your destination outside of Dubai. Say goodbye to the stress of transporting your own luggage and embrace the convenience of our reliable, door-to-door baggage transit service. Travel freely with BaggageTaxi, your trusted partner in intercity journeys.

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